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"Upliftingly Dark" Cinematic Music for Films.


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Justin R. Durban is a modern composer who creates "upliftingly dark" cinematic film and game music. His work has been involved with such titles as Firecreacker by Steve Balderson, Warner Brothers Taking Lives trailer, HULK, Bluray TV spot, Battle for Terra Trailer music, Harry Potter 5, Australia, The Mummy 3 trailer, Stomp The Yard Trailer, Star Trek Of Gods and Men, Star Wars Threads of Destiny, Raiders Over Tokyo, GPS The Movie, Killer Bean, Grey Man, Twelve Steps Nowhere, Sacred Stone of Horus, Daughter of the East Wind, The Sci-Fi website The Triangle, Spirit of Liberty, Cross and the Towers, Katana, The Holy Jewel, Cramer, Duality, Supermates, Tough Luck, RF Eye D, The Stars Above, Darkness, Love Alicia, Phoenix Agenda, Beauty and the Beast - A Latter Day Tale, MT SAT, Valoo, Parker, Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix, Star Trek, Of Gods and Men, InAlienable the Movie, City of Gold of X-Ray Dog Music, XRD, Divine Crusade, XBox Live, AVATAR, Chronicles of Narnia, Sorceror's Apprentice, Australia, Mummy3, Hulk, Alice in Wonderland, Avatar DVD, Immortals, Green Lantern Six Flags Theme Park Georgia O'Keefe, Lifetime, Brooklyn, The Janitor, Porcelain, O2, Blackout, Semum, and countless short and feature length films across the world. He has contributed music works to the movie trailer company, X-Ray Dog Music and is currently heading up a massive epic sci-fi fantasy trilolgy project called, Kings and Kingdoms with the first episode entitled, Eless.
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